Introduction to Defense Manufacturing of GIG
Innovative, yet Total Defense Solutions for Businesses and the Next Generation

GIG Defense developed/produced a ground-based weapons system, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the combat power of the Korean armed forces. We have secured unmanned and automated solutions thanks to our technological expertise in precision design and control, and are keeping Korea's military technology up to date, advancing towards the future of our self-defense.
With our advanced R&D, we translate great ideas to innovations and intergrate various technologies to deliver solutions that

Exporting to Middle Eastern and African Countries Manufacturing

Middle East : UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt     Africa : Mozambique. Botswana
[Export Items]
Oman : 80 K 2 Tanks manufactured by Hyundai Rotem (2017.1), Body Armor, Riot Gears, Night Vision Goggles and etc.
UAE : Military vests for the police in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (provided samples), Riot Gears , detectors for explosives and parachute simulator, etc
Saudi Arabia 50 000 cannonballs for 155 mm howitzer, 99 million bullets for about 20 guns (about 23 million)
Kuweit R 2 Liquid Explosives Detector
Botswana Korean T 50 Trainer and Surion Helicopter, etc

Development of Military Training Camps in Korea and Overseas

Development of Military Training Camps in Korea and Overseas. Globally three camps are being planned each in Korea Hoengseong Training Camp), UAE and Mozambique.

GIG Group is expanding its global business as a total defense solutions provider with highly competitive offerings in artillery systems, armored vehicles, air defense systems, and unmanned ground systems. Through our accumulated knowledge, our experience, and our competitiveness in key technologies, we will continue to spearhead advances in the defense industry worldwide.

Commissioned Special Forces member training for Middle Eastern GCC countries

Mozambique Academy of Security Training Camp
Location : Maputo Police special training camp
Area : 2.5 × 2km
Contents : VIP Security, Maritime infiltration, anti-terrorism, firearms training
Period / no. trainees : 3,000 per 3 months per cohort
Construction Costs : $25mn
Process : Request for development: 2016. 9 (President)
Submission of site plan : 2016. 12
Request for site specification : 2017. 2
Estimate of details : ~ current

Abu Dhabi UAE Special Forces Training Camp
Location : Abu Dhabi (near airport)
Total area to Develop : 6 × 4km (1st stage : 1.5 × 1km)
Contents : VIP Security, Air and maritime infiltration, and anti terrorism, etc
Construction Costs : $120mn ~ $150mn (1st stage : $23mn ~ $25mn)
Process : Request for development : 2016. 12
Overview of the site plan : 2017. 1
Overview of the RFP : 2017. 2
Estimate of details and further revision : ~ current

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